Thursday, October 31, 2019

National Novel Writing Month

It's Nanowrimo time! The month of November begins with a bang as I join my fellow writers in the Nanowrimo journey. This is a challenge for writers to complete a 50,000 word novel in a month. Having participated previously, I can say that it is definitely an exciting challenge to pop out a book in a month. It gets the imaginative juices flowing, and the determination and support from other writers rejuvenates my energy and makes me want to create. I will be posting updates, and teasers throughout the month as I and my fellow authors strive to meet this challenge. 

Let the challenge begin!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Bane, Dark Warriors book 3

Strife has found the Pack in Boston. A young woman is murdered in an abandoned warehouse. and three other girls are missing . Detective Nikki Adams gets a whiff of something off about the whole case as she struggles to find the killer before more girls end up dead. 

Meanwhile Damon Blake, Nikki's boyfriend and full-fledged vampire, finds a medallion with the insignia of the Nostre Dames, his own clan, inscribed on the surface at the crime scene. Slipping it into his pocket he stashes the evidence before a war breaks out between the races, again. The tenuous truce he recently forged with the Pack is in danger.

Nikki knows Damon is hiding something from her as the case escalates, but he won't tell her what it is. She is faced with the fact that he might not trust her after all, even though she has given him her heart.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Recipe for a Werewolf

Recipe for a Werewolf

One of the many things I ask myself before beginning each book is, “what will make this character great? When I began writing my series Dark Warriors, one of the things I needed to look at was the character of Trevor Gies. Trevor is an Alpha werewolf and runs the pack in Boston, MA where they have been living as humans for decades. Trevor is the sexual rival of Damon Blake, vampire and hero of the series. When looking at integrating the traits I liked from werewolf lore into Trevor, I also needed to look at the flaws - because no one likes a perfect character.

Researching werewolves led into a much deeper study than I originally thought. Sure, they have most of the traits of wolves, living in a pack situation, extreme loyalty, animal magnetism, but what else? Well, much like vampire tales throughout history have changed so has werewolf lore.

Looking at the original tales of the shape-shifter, werewolf or the loup guru; it seems humans began telling stories about them as far back as ancient Greece. At that time, it was mainly men dressing in animal skins that gave them the ability to change. Then if they took off their skin, and someone stole it, the werewolf would not be able to change again and would have to live as a human. Other tales such as Ovid’s stories tell of man drinking from the mouth of the beast to become one. It wasn’t until much later that the tale of changing into a werewolf from their bite came into being.

Personally, I prefer the modern version of the werewolf. I tried to keep the Pack as close to modern legend as possible. They can shift into large wolves, can change others into a Were with their bite, they have an increased sense of smell (in fact all their senses are increased), they have an increased strength, and can run much faster than a human, and (of course), they cannot get sick and they heal rapidly. Their downfalls or vulnerability are caused by Wolfs bane, they can be killed with silver, or beheaded.

The culture of the werewolf pack in Dark Warriors is similar to many; they live within a hierarchy, and are ruled by the Alpha wolf.

However, in Dark Warriors, there are two added elements. One, which I won’t go into too deeply or I will spoil the book, is the war between vampires and werewolves. The cause of the war is because vampires had made blood slaves out of the wolves. They didn’t like this too much, as I’m sure you can imagine, and a rebellion erupted. Secondly, there is a prejudice in the pack that will become more and more apparent throughout the series. The purebred or “natural born” wolf does not feel that those that are bitten or half-blood should be allowed to live with the pack because they are not of the Original wolf.

To take us back to Trevor, as Alpha wolf he works hard to deal with all of the above.  He is strong, devastatingly handsome, and powerful. But he has an arrogance about him that sometimes gets on your nerves. Check him out in my newest release Bane, third book in the Dark Warrior series.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Hunter Diaries available just in time for Halloween!

Now Available in Ebook & Print!

Hunter Diaries Anthology – four books in one
Duty, family, loyalties, and passion ...when your life is placed on the line which comes first? In rainy Seattle, Washington the Wills family and their friends must choose between family obligation and love. Will they be able to push prejudice aside and overcome seemingly insurmountable odds? Danger shadows their every step as they learn that good and evil is not all black and white.