Monday, August 28, 2017

Mortal Ice by Serena Zane

Death is stalking South Beach. Detective Shawna Davies delves into a world of corruption and danger as she searches for the source of the new drug hitting the streets. Partnered with the steamy hot new detective on the force, Eric Black, Shawna must keep her head together as she follows the trail of leads into an unforeseen world. Shawna struggles to keep her head as she learns there are things in the world that not even guns can stop.  

Eric Black is sent to South Beach, Florida to take control of a situation that is spinning out of control. As head Enforcer for the Vampire Council, Eric has to hunt down who is causing trouble before the humans find out about their kind. Going undercover as a narcotics officer gives him the perfect cover, until he finds out that the woman he is partnered with is someone who's blood harbors a dangerous secret.

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