Monday, October 30, 2017

Hunter Diaries available just in time for Halloween!

Now Available in Ebook & Print!

Hunter Diaries Anthology – four books in one
Duty, family, loyalties, and passion ...when your life is placed on the line which comes first? In rainy Seattle, Washington the Wills family and their friends must choose between family obligation and love. Will they be able to push prejudice aside and overcome seemingly insurmountable odds? Danger shadows their every step as they learn that good and evil is not all black and white.

The Christmas Present – The Hunter Diaries Book 1
When you have dreams to escape your own life, you might wish for anything. It’s Christmas Eve, and Detective Stephanie Wills wants nothing more than someone who will love her, in spite of her family.
As she makes her New Year’s Resolution list, Stephanie sets out with good intentions that all seem to fall apart Christmas Day when she is called into work.  Not wanting to, she must contact her family for help. The Christmas present hanging suspended from a beam at 5th Street Art Gallery was left by a vampire.

Bite Me - The Hunter Diaries Book 2
In a world filled with darkness, hope shines through ...
A violent battle ends in tragedy, and Chloe Wills finds herself alone in a world full of violence. Saved by a man she believes to be an angel, Chloe struggles to find balance with her new powers inherited through her family, and the anger that rages inside her body. As Chloe seeks solace, problems arise for the Wills family. The Enforcers of the Vampire High Council have been sent to take care of the threat the Wills pose to their race.

Belief - The Hunter Diaries Book 3
Just when you think you know what’s real…
There are things in this world that sometimes are better left unexplained. Ami Sherridon is a skeptic, but she enjoys a good role-playing game now and then, not to mention a great paranormal read. The Festival of Blood is taking place in Romania in a week’s time, and Ami isn’t about to miss it. However, powerful forces are at play, and are about to shake Ami’s beliefs.
Hopping a plane to Romania with her best friend, Beth, Ami embarks on an adventure that will challenge everything she has come to believe as truth.

Insidious Whispers -The Hunter Diaries Book 4
Abducted from her quiet life as a New Age store owner, Beth Stark is thrown into a dangerous world of intrigue and magic. Beth’s legacy as Guardian of the Black Tome is to protect the book from those who would seek to use it for dark purposes.

Phoenix, enforcer of the Vampire world, is sent to destroy the Black Tome before the Queen of the Fae can use it to annihilate the vampire race. Phoenix comes face to face with the tome’s Guardian, but he doesn’t expect the feisty little spitfire to make his blood boil, and his passions rise. 

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