Thursday, October 12, 2017

Seven Suspenseful Sentences

Seven Suspenseful Sentences!

Greetings all,

I'm busy working on my next manuscript in the Dark Warrior serial. I hope you enjoy these seven suspenseful sentences from chapter one.

The Change
Dark Warriors Book Four
Serena Zane

"Your Seven Suspenseful Sentences"

Nikki scooted her chair closer to Rae and rested a hand on her knee. “I think you know what it means.”
Rae dropped her eyes to the floor by their feet. “I’m going to turn aren't I.”
“Yeah.” Nikki didn't want to add the – if you survive – part, but it was out there. Not all humans survived the change.  Some weren't so lucky.

I can't wait to discover what will happen with Rachael in The Change. I love writing and hope you all enjoy reading about Detective Nikki Adams and her adventures in Boston, MA.

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"Sepia Letters" by Simon Howden

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