A Cross to Bare, Dark Warriors book 2

Detective Nikki Adams has a problem on her hands. An anonymous tip in the middle of the night leads Nikki to yet another of the mysterious crime scenes that have been found at the historical churches littering the Freedom Trail in Boston. Someone is killing vampires, and she happens to know two vampires that just might be aware of who is behind the recent deaths.
Meanwhile, Nikki continues to struggle with her feelings between Damon Blake, and the leader of the Boston werewolves, Trevor Gies. Knowing she’s with Damon, does not cool her ardor any when the pack Alpha decides to turn on the heat.
Damon, faced with the very real possibility that one of them might end up dead, makes a surprising truce and an unlikely ally. Struggling between loyalty to the Nostre Dames, and loyalty to his brother, Damon must make a choice, but will it be the right one?

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